1. Hello everyone. Today we learn a simple lesson in basic science.

    Heat rises. 

    Therefore doing this will break your toaster and cause a fire hazzard and EVEN WORSE THAN THAT it will ruin your grilled cheese. So if you want grilled cheese. Use a fucking grill. 

    Say it with me again.

    Heat Rises.

    Have a nice day. 

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  2. Where is your God now?


  3. Some motherfucker’s always trying to ice skate up hill


  4. Everyone around me is stressing.

    Seriously they need to chill. They’re all off to Paris next week for a break. Which would be nice as I really need a break from Them -_-

  5. Never Knows Best.

  6. sunsetrainbow:


    can this just stop please.

    This is absolutely disgusting what they are doing to her. She is a beautiful girl, and you wonder why there’s freaking cyber bullying? You wonder why there’s teenagers killing themselves, and people crying at their funerals?

    I’m just reblogging this so that anyone who wants to go anon on someone’s ask, and tell them shit - THINK. Because you could just be destroying someone’s life.

    What a hateful coward. These kind of people aren’t even worth a thought. 

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  7. 'Flargarghbarghgal!!'

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